I think all of us are in some kind of transition. Some are perhaps more obvious than others. You have the big physical ones like changing jobs or moving across country. And some are subtle and more reflective, like when you are ready to make a personal leap forward and how you will hold yourself accountable. Brendan helped me make the transition into thinking more deeply about a role I already had, and he challenged me to develop new ways of leading and challenging my team. Over a series of continued and regular meetings, Brendan engaged with me, and my core team, to discuss my business in depth and guided me to a point where I was more comfortable and able to think about how to share my thoughts and strategies with my team. With his help, I was also able to recognise where I could improve myself. I found balance in my work and home life. During my time with Brendan, I was required to make some courageous decisions for both my career and personal life. With his assistance and mentoring, it became the easiest and most enjoyable transition I have ever had in my career. My only regret is, I wish I had found Brendan earlier.

AY – Sydney, NSW

It has been my privilege and honour to work with Brendan for the past eighteen months. He has been an extraordinary coach and helped me achieve things beyond my wildest dreams, including publishing three books with major publishers within a year. He gave me the confidence and skills to power forward in both professional and personal areas of my life. He has always been generous with his time and availability, lauding my breakthroughs as well as supporting and encouraging me when I hit the wall. He has that rare blend of creativity and logic that can tackle any perceived barrier and turn it into a success. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

LK –  Melbourne, Victoria

Brendan is a brilliant coach.

In a compassionate, humorous manner he helped me develop insight into how I was currently working towards my goals and how this could be improved. His support increased my confidence and motivation. Brendan brought the excitement back into what I was trying to achieve. His passion for creativity made the coaching journey fun.  Brendan supported me to generate a broad range of ideas to achieve my goals. Possibilities that I had never considered before became apparent. He then assisted me to plan the first steps in an organised strategic manner. For this I am truly grateful. Brendan challenged me and made me accountable so I worked harder than ever before. However this time it did not feel like ‘work.’

Brendan is the perfect balance of professional, friendly, insightful and experienced.

I highly recommend his services.

RM – Bendigo, Victoria

Coaching helped me stabilise at a very turbulent time and helped me focus on my core values. Also helped me keep perspective.

I felt very held. I felt safe and that someone clever, compassionate and patient believed in me and supported me, at a time I really needed it.

How can I thank you? You have been a big part in my career advancement and I will never forget your interest, intelligence and skilful enthusiasm.

AU – Sydney, NSW

I found coaching useful in terms of having someone to motivate me to do the things I had been thinking about doing, but which I never made time for. I found that talking to someone about this and setting weekly or fortnightly actions towards certain goals encouraged me to actually do something about them.

I made a 5 year career plan. I have never thought this was something I would want to do, but coaching encouraged me to start thinking like this. Brendan didn’t ask me to do it specifically, but the discussions we had about goals actually led me to decide to do this of my own accord. Amazing! And I am already well on the way to achieving a number of those goals, which is great.

Do it! Whatever your goals are, you will find it useful. Coaching is adapted and suited to your needs. I am no longer doing coaching, but I have found that I have learned to coach myself. I am better at setting actions and steps towards certain goals, putting them in my calendar and actually achieving them. This is really helpful and I couldn’t have done it without Brendan’s help.

VB – London, UK

Coaching provided me with a clear focus and direction that helped support and guide me during my career transformation

The most unexpected outcome was in Brendan providing his unique coaching/life perspective on aspects of this journey that may otherwise not have been considered.

Coaching is a great way to advance your dreams and goals in a safe and nurturing way.  The addition of another person’s perspective and expertise, together with your own, enables a broader consideration of your career path thereby increasing your chances of growth and success.

RBM – Melbourne, Victoria

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