Getting to that next level in your career nearly always involves applying for a position higher than you currently have.  But stepping up – and often out of your comfort zone can play havoc with your confidence right when you need it most.  Being able to draw on and articulate the real value and breadth of your experience is critical to success. Seeing yourself in that leadership role and knowing how to exemplify that for your potential new employer.

Successfully moving up (or indeed sideways) is much more than a good CV or a great interview – although that certainly helps.  It’s about knowing your strengths, framing weaknesses and having a clear vision about what you, uniquely, can bring to that role and about your leadership capabilities and potential.

Great ideas often receive violent opposition from mediocre minds. — Albert Einstein

Some of the things to think about:

  1. Do I really want that job (not just the money or the increased profile) – am I really going to enjoy this job?
  2. What role, in what company do I want in five years’ time? In ten years?
  3. Is this role a part of that career path? Will it be the next step to achieving that goal?
  4. What am I really good at and will that make up most of this new role?
  5. Do I know someone in the company or someone who knows someone who works for the company? Talking to someone about their work in that company and discovering how the company thinks and works is an essential part of success. Try to find out how much autonomy they have in their job, what opportunities they have for learning, development and advancement. What is the company culture? Is it supportive, friendly and helpful or is it highly competitive?

We can help you find answers to these and the other important questions that will frame your application and interview.
We can help you get that job.
We can help you become that leader.
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