Brendan Higgins

B.Com (Industrial Relations) UNSW; BDA (NIDA);
MSc (Coaching Psychology) USYD.

Brendan is an extraordinary listener. With a background in human resources, the arts, as a senior executive and a coach, he listens, he analyses and he asks the questions that change lives and businesses.

He has worked with teams and individuals across international jurisdictions and has substantial experience in change management, and a comprehensive understanding of the problems and issues that can stand as obstacles to your business’ sustainable growth.

Having a background as an award winning actor and a director and producer, Brendan has a remarkable ability to lift that public performance to something memorable and enjoyable for every public speaker.

The breadth of Brendan’s experience (husband and father, human resources, professional actor, director and producer, small business director, senior executive with a multinational IT company, strategic and change management consultant, coach) has given him a great sense of compassion and understanding in working with individuals to help them achieve their goals, to build their careers, to lift their performance or to change their lives.

But his particular passion is innovation and creativity. Brendan’s background has given him a unique understanding of how to develop and sustain an organisation that is based on ideas and that can find creative solutions to every problem. Brendan knows that the ability to innovate and create will be the difference between a successful and growing organisation and a failing one.

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